The Menu | NO.2


no.2 evening menu

495 DKK/NEW price 395 DKK


Salted mackerel with green strawberries and fresh cream cheese

Roasted turbot, white carrots, rosehip and foamy parsley-chives sauce

Roe deer in gooseberry "BBQ" with roasted cabbage and chanterelles

Danish strawberries with peapod ice cream



Vegetarian menu

Grilled green asparagus with smoked fresh cheese and pickled greens 

New Danish potatoes with grilled onions and foamy parsley sauce 

White asparagus with poached egg, smoked butter and spring cabbage

Danish strawberries with peapod ice cream


Wine pairing 4 glasses
Wine pairing including Champagne
Exclusive wine pairing 4 glasses
Exclusive wine pairing 5 glasses


395,- kr.
495,- kr.
595,- kr. 
695,- kr.