Nordic luxury | NO.2

NO. 2


You will find us at Nicolai Eigtvedsgade 32 on Hammershøi Kaj in Christianshavn overlooking the Black Diamond. Being located alongside the quay gives a great view of the harbour bridges and spires of Copenhagen.

The building and decor is modern and tasteful decorated with Danish design furniture and seats around 100 people inside and 40 on our outdoor terrace.

At no2. you will find the same uncompromising approach to ingredients combination of flavours and a wine list composed with the same attention to detail as the one that has won AOC several awards, including 2 Michelin stars.

The owners of AOC, Christian Aarø and Søren Selin wanted with no.2 to create a relaxed environment for a great dining experience with our own take on the Nordic kitchen, lots seasonal delicacies and produce starting with everything from the bar, to the wine list and the menus itself. Aesthetics and flavour go hand in hand in our universe, and at no. 2 you will recognise the visual impressions and astonishing combinations of flavours from AOC, but in a simplified version.



Our wine list that encompasses the whole world including our own region, with an emphasis on wines produced using sustainable and meticulous practices. no. 2 is unyielding when it comes to finding wines to match courses on the menu, and we have a large selection of wines by the glass. 
As an alternative to the wine list, we offer a selection of our homemade juices and beers from the Herslev Brewhouse near Roskilde.



The resident chef at no. 2 is Nikolaj Køster who has the daily responsibility of running the kitchen. Nikolaj has a non-compromising flair for tracking down and using nothing less than the best produce in Denmark. Our suppliers of meats and vegetables include local farms in Zealand and Jutland such as Kiselgården in Ugerløse, Brogård in Gislinge owned by Søren Wiuff and Knuthenlund on Lolland, and we work closely with such dedicated people as Roland Rittman from Scania, a specialist supplier of wild herbs, and Svend Bonde, a provider of shellfish from Limfjorden. In short, we rely on the best produce Denmark has to offer.



Like the kitchen, the cocktail bar focuses on local produce, but with an international perspective similar to that of the wine list. The season’s most interesting local produce, pickle’s and preserves before mixing with Aquavits and and other spirits, then turns around some of our favourites among the classics from the 1950s, to a new the golden age of cocktails.